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From left to bottom: Zara swim shorts ($19), Topman T-Shirt ($6), H&M Soft/Thin Cotton T-Shirt ($17)

I am the kind of guy who loves colours. I am also quite dark in the summer so colours pop on me. How dark you ask? Well, according to my cousin I have enough tan for 6 people.

Growing up on an island where almost everyone is like a peacock, it became quite natural to parade in my Sunday best wearing the likes of pink and even fushia. When I was about 9 years old, my favorite shorts where bright cyan with magenta trimming and on the left side there was the cowboy cartoon character Yosemite Sam.

My girlfriend always wonder where I get my sense of style but little does she know that it came from not really having any style sense at all. But that is how creativity builds. It first starts by realising what works and what will never ever work in this lifetime or 5th, 6th, 7th … or Nth dimension.


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I’m a guy who only wears nicely fitted shirts. I have one rule that goes before all other rules when buying a piece of clothing. It doesn’t matter how great the color/quality/make is, – it must fit as if it were tailored specifically for me.

Here is an example of what I mean.

Back in the day it use to be hard to find fitted shirts and if you did managed to find a nice shirt that was tailor fitted, you usually would have to fork out next week’s grocery money (or monthly rent) to take that shirt home with you. This has changed. Stores like Zara, H&M and TopMan have brought the fit and quality that used to only be at the high end to the more affordable spectrum where people like me with a low budget dwell. I think Zara has the best quality of the 3 mentioned.

Here are 3 Things to look for when buying a fitted shirt.

  1. The seam where the shoulder meets the arm must never ever droop.
  2. The collar should have a proper collar stay and it should stand straight
  3. The sleeves should not be so long that it crumples. It should be long enough to meet at or sit just below your wrist but not too long to cause the sleeves to be touching your knuckles.

Good luck and remember “A woman likes to see your curves just as much as you like to see hers”

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