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I am no watch collector, but I if you want to be taken seriously, you absolutely need a proper, handsome watch around your wrist. You don’t have to get something outrageously expensive. Now with that said, I personally would recommend that every guy have at least 3 watches.

  • The weekday watch
  • The weekend watch
  • and the Special Occasion/After hours watch


Weekday Watch

With the weekday you might want something with a single dial and not too flashy. It must be able to get you noticed among your peers and most importantly, by your boss. You shouldn’t break the bank on this watch but you shouldn’t skimp either. This watch can either be battery operated (Quartz) or automatic (manual wind up or motion driven). If you do get an automatic watch, you have to make sure that it has at least 21 jewels.  You usually see more jewels but it is not necessary to go beyond 21 jewels (Jewels are used to reduce friction in the watch)

Weekend Watch

The weekend watch should be stylish while being more rugged. Think adventure when you buy this watch. You need to have multiple dials. The face should be complicated. This might include month day and a tachymeter (This basically lets you use the dial to calculate distance and speed)

Special Occasion/After hours Watch

This watch is what you splurge the most on. It should be noticeable from across the room. It should be automatic and it should not be as complicated as the weekend watch but not as simple as the weekday either. This watch is the watch you should spend the most on. The watch’s face can have some hint of color other than just your plain ole black or white. The band shouldn’t just be plain alligator leather. It should stand out but still match your personal style.

Do I have any recommendations?

Yes I do. I am going to recommend cheap alternatives that will get you noticed.
Weekday: Try Theorem. It is a German made and looks pricey but is about $150 on eBay.
Weekend: Try Storm of London or Seiko. This will set you back $200 – $300
Special Occasion/After Hours: I would recommend Guess Swiss Timepiece Collection or Ebel. This will set you back $300-$400 on eBay or if you buy from Guess it will be around $600-$1100 and for Ebel $500 – $1200


I know the title says “3 watches”  but you can get 2. I wouldn’t recommend not having at least 2. If you can only afford 2 then buy a high end weekend watch that can function also as a special occasion watch.


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