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Just thought I’d share some photos of the nice weather we’re having in the City. It is bright and sunny but the cold lingers; yet, despite this one setback, The City sizzles and is teaming with life. Have a nice day, wherever you are; however you are;


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Often when I see pictures of fashion week I wonder, “Why is it everyone just wants to show the glamour and the models and the celebs. What’s on the outside? Where are the photos or Bryant Park? So guess what, After work on Wednesday, the day before the final curtain, I took  the opportunity to take a few pictures around the tents. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts by simply commenting.

This is in Front

This is to the right when facing the front

Continuing along the same side

 A Nice Building facing away from the side above

The Back – I see more celebs here


This is one of the lamps to the right when facing the front

   That’s it for now… Look out for Part 2 on inside the tent. This will also be the not so glamorous side.


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