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Currently I am looking for a laptop that is sleek, portable, and powerful with lots of gentleman’s appeal. Being a software developer requires that I have a machine with enough processing power to bend space-time and I’m thinking this just might do the trick.  This laptop comes with the Intel Core i7 processor and that means you get 4 physical cores and 4 hyper threaded which equals 8 (I can do math too). For those of you nontechnical readers, this means you can run almost any and everything on your computer without it giving you the finger while lying lazily sipping on your electricity. Below are some pictures of the gorgeous entity. You can find more info here and video here



Note: I wanted to get a Dell Studio XPS 16 but it is too darn heavy. Lately Dell pulled their Studio XPS 1330 off their website, which leads me to conclude they have something BIG coming, so even though I yearn for the envy, I think I am going to wait to see what Dell is going to unleash.

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