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Valentines in NYC is a BIG Thing. There really is no other day that can cause a split between Lovers, if the right flowers/box of chocolate are not chosen. I fear this day, but like all great fears, there is always some great beauty hiding behind it. Happy Valentines Day and even if you don’t have a Valentine, you at least still have your sanity.








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From left to bottom: Zara swim shorts ($19), Topman T-Shirt ($6), H&M Soft/Thin Cotton T-Shirt ($17)

I am the kind of guy who loves colours. I am also quite dark in the summer so colours pop on me. How dark you ask? Well, according to my cousin I have enough tan for 6 people.

Growing up on an island where almost everyone is like a peacock, it became quite natural to parade in my Sunday best wearing the likes of pink and even fushia. When I was about 9 years old, my favorite shorts where bright cyan with magenta trimming and on the left side there was the cowboy cartoon character Yosemite Sam.

My girlfriend always wonder where I get my sense of style but little does she know that it came from not really having any style sense at all. But that is how creativity builds. It first starts by realising what works and what will never ever work in this lifetime or 5th, 6th, 7th … or Nth dimension.


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if you are like me, everytime you go to the beach you want ot make sure you are kept occupied with either some light reading or music. In between you may want to stuff your face with your favorite snack. These are my beach essential. It includes my new found pal know to many as the iPad (no pad jokes please). This is like a studio in your bag. I have over 50 books on this thing not to mention videos and music and games and it is only the size of a sheet of paper.

I brought my my book of extraordinary creatures, “Life”. In the bag, I have Vita Coconut Water and Salted Roasted Peanuts.

The bag you see in the picture is a very old school Urban Outfitters bag I bought in 2002 when I started college. It is now fashionable again. Im glad I kept it.

And of course dont forget the Thong Slippers.

it is perfect for that casual beach look. Let me know your beach essentials by commenting below.


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