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 Last night I came home from work and I absolutely didn’t feel like doing anything. Suddenly I remember I have Julie & Julia; a movie I had picked up from Block Buster simply because I loved how vibrant and “fun” the cover looked; also, because it was in the top 20 section. I popped the movie in my bluray player which is on my computer and started watching. To my surprise, Julie & Julia was a refreshing and chill movie. We both liked it.  It felt like Ratatouille combined with No Reservations with a hint of  “A Beautiful Life” – Yes I saw all those films and I wasn’t forced to go… honestly. Personally I love movies about New York and part of this movie was based in Queens NY. 

Julie & Julia is a true about one woman finding herself, and her way, by learning from the past – literally. Here are some stills from the movie. I highly recommend it.

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