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New Theme: Nuntius

New Theme: Nuntius.

If you have not heard by now that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is resigning from his position then you were definitely not on earth for the past 2 days. Jobs has given us so much in terms of Desktop computing (If you did not know he helped coined the PC). I hope his health gets better.

More importantly, I hope that the next guy in Job’s shoe don’t try too hard to fill them. I’m not saying this because filling Steve Job’s shoe is next to impossible, i’m saying this because often times when you pave your own path, you are more likely to be more innovative and original because there is no blueprint to follow (I dislike blueprints a lot).

The next guy should strive for less because “less is more”… sure there will be a lot of pressure and noise towards him/her from people who are very good at starting chaos; but if I were to tell this new CEO one thing it would be that, “even chaos can be controlled.” Don’t try to make a BIG impact now. Let your ideas be like the butterfly effect, only, you are the one controlling the effect with your ideas and not anyone else’s. Design technology from the future and not from the now or the trend or what is cool. Be the effect that will change people’s lives… with that said, good luck new guy.

The Spa at Trump Soho

Today I went to the spa at the new Trump Soho. The story behind it was that at the beginning of this year I decided to do more and to try new things I have never tried before; this of course included a massage. I had gotten one sometime back in February at the Setai on Wall Street and I can tell you it is very hard to match the luxury that the Setai offers but I wanted to see how the Trump Soho Spa stacked up nonetheless. I had what was called a Moroccan Hammam 60 minutes massage. I thought I was prepared for what was to come but I was wrong. Everyone at the Trump Soho was very very respectful, formal and professional almost to the point of being annoying. The hotel itself has a dark zen like feel with  dim lighting, modern art and contemporary furniture. Me being a guy who appreciates modernism was hoping for a bit more… modern; There was an event there promoting a new website called Ivy Date which  I think is a new dating website for “Extraordinary Singles” basically people with a better standard of living than most of us.

I walked in and was taking to the locker room to change and of course you have plush robes and fancy slippers. I met my masseuse who seemed every bit as nervous as I was. She was wearing the same robe as myself. She took me to a room that looked like something from the temple in the Himalayas (I watch a lot of TV – I have never been). She asked if I had ever had a Moroccan Hammam massage and I said no. She explained but all I can remember was seeing her lips move and me thinking what the heck am I doing here.

Here is the explanation of the Process:

Lying on a warm marble belly stone heated to approximately 108 degrees, natural black soap made from olive oil and crushed olives and eucalyptus is lathered on the body to exfoliate and soften the skin. This is followed by a full body application of warm mineral-rich Ghassoul clay taken from the mountains outside Istanbul, and used to detoxify and remineralize the skin and cells. Finally the service is finished off with a full body rinse and scalp massage.

I started to sweat. I am not comfortable being naked in from of people I don’t know let alone laying down to be fluffed/scrubbed with clay and being rinsed. I guess she somehow saw I nervous because at first glance she said I should just relax. She gave me this disposable underwear which only served to freak me out more. It was like a male thong (male because it had a package holder). She left the room and I changed and lay ready. She came back and started… within 5 minutes in I was completely relaxed. All my muscles went limp. I was going in and out of a light sleep each time only to be brought back from sleep by the pouring of warm water on my body. The best part was the scented thingy she rubbed on me. The smell really relaxes you. At the end of it I was a bit woozy because the room was very warm and combined that with the warm marble stone makes it feel like the hottest day in August. It ended with with cool water being poured over me to cool me off. I took some pictures. Check them out below.